Voices and Choices

Highlights from last night Bible study. What a dynamic Bible study. Voices and Choices Theses are the 4 voices raging war and we've got to be clear that it's the voice of God that we follow and obey. 1.The will/voice of God the Father. God designed each of us ON purpose, WITH purpose, and FOR a purpose. He is the Knitter and the Knower of each day of our lives. 2.The will/voice of the enemy. We have an enemy—a thief, who comes to rob, kill, and destroy our lives, our joy, our families and His will. He seeks death over life and has purposed to destroy all that is good and right. He is sneaky. He is real. The battle is on! 3.The will/voice of ourselves. Then we have to deal with our own self-will, our own selfish nature, and our own pride that wants our own way. We all have the common ground of the “human condition”. We all have blind spots. We all are self-centered to some degree. 4.The will/voice of the other. This could be parents, a teacher, boss, neighbor, friend or pastor. There are often many voices in our lives telling us what to do. Or even just suggesting what to do. Most of these voices mean well, but they are still other voices that we hear. Scriptures: John 10:10, Luke 22:42, EPH 3:20