Today is the First day of our 21 day fast

Fasting is not to be solely focused on the food and eating but is first and foremost about prayer and petitioning. Being disciplined in not only the sacrifice you are making by eliminating certain foods, habits and ways of thinking but being disciplined in prayer. The sacrifice is your way of giving something away you cherish to God. The prayer is where you petition your wants and needs. This is to bring forth a powerful change. But you must first decrease more of you and increase more of God in your life during this fast especially. Praying and fasting creates chains to be broken and breakthroughs to happen. Please don't take this lightly, because God takes it serious. He sees what you are sacrificing! He hears what your praying for. He will respond. Stay focused. Stay disciplined. Stay in prayer for 21 days. Amen! Can't wait to see the miracles take place Church. May God bless you all

~Pastor Angelia