A.C.T.S. Prayer

If you're struggling on what to pray about or how to get started, this ACTS acronym is a great reference.

A is for Adoration – spend time worshiping Jesus. Use your favorite music, a Psalm, write something, or choose a recent answer to prayer to inspire your praise.

C is for Confession – Ask the Holy Spirit to show you when you have sinned and fallen short of God’s love recently - you might want to use the words of a Psalm as your prayer. Say sorry for whatever comes to mind, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you change your future behaviour.

T is for Thanksgiving – think, speak or write a list of good things in your life today and thank God for each of them.

S is for supplication – supplication is an old fashioned word for asking. Ask God to intervene in each situation you face. There's no special language or strategy needed. Jesus encourages us to keep it simple.